Develop CO's Blossom Resource Directory for Trafficked Kids

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Develop CO's Blossom Resource Directory for Trafficked Kids

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Blossom Care Network (BCN) - "Blossom Care Network nurtures children at high risk of being sexually exploited, to become abundantly fruitful adults." A key part of BCN will be the Blossom Resource Directory.

Blossom Resource Directory (BiRD) - "The Blossom internet Resource Directory indexes specific needs and available resources; facilitating the delivery of services, materials, labor and funding required by exploited children to achieve lifelong success."

The directory will be a very detailed index of individuals, resources, and needs. The idea is to match the vast and varied pool of resources with the specific requirements of individual children. Examples can vary from needs for clothing, to tutoring, to specialized therapy, legal assistance, transportation, and everyday things like getting their hair styled, or just about any personal service or product used by the general public.

BiRD will be used not only to support Blossom’s own operations, but will be made available to registered users from other nonprofits and government agencies. BiRD users will be able to conduct highly specific searches for exactly the resource they are looking for, or direct contributions to a particular recipient or operation.

MySQL will be used as the database back-end, accessed through the website.
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