Incorrect or dull photo colors on upload

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Incorrect or dull photo colors on upload

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Hi I need some help with photo uploads. I got everything working perfectly including creating several thumbnails of varying sizes for testing. However I am running into problems of photos coming out dull.

My Photos appear colorful in lightroom, Photoshop, and windows live photo gallery and in windows. Except in my browsers.

Heres what I am doing:

1. Upload file to server, get exif Data and then rename and use move_uploaded_file to main user folder.
2. Copy the original file using copy($file, $newfile)
3. resize copied image using

My Questions:
1. is imagecreatetruecolor changing the photo colors?
2. is imagecopyresampled not copying all the colors?
3. is imagejpeg rendering the colors correctly?

Now I have searched the google globe only to find that it is a color profile issue on 1 website. How do i read the correct color profile using php and apply it to the images for correct viewing in browsers?
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