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My about me page

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Hi lads,

So Ive been reading through notbankys article series and started to realise a few things about my content. It was making me laugh because the vast majority of enquiries I have had have been from non native speakers and agencies.

A lot of you guys know my situation (starting from no experience. working on low wage etc) and this year has been a lot better so far. Im starting to reap what I sowed last year. I work with a good agency that pay good and I had a few enquiries, one converted already and it wasnt a huge job so I done it on the side of agency work. The client (non native speaker) was very happy and so was I, I genuinely enjoyed serving my client and having a really good end product.

Anyway now I want to be in a position where I get more jobs like this because I enjoyed building a site direct with the client and having the client respect my design skills, unlinke being sent a wire frame to copy.

So now I want my site to convert more small businesses instead of agencies. On my website (link in sig) I have a little write up that lists skills most people wont care about and its time to get something good in there.

Notbankys invited me to list my main points I want to say so here they are in order of importance:
I drive more business to your business
Sites rank well
Based in Colchester
Want to work with small businesses
Sites render for mobile devices
Im affordable
Not too sure about posting my content in here because of googles duplicate laws (?) but Im struggling to do this.
This was my best try so far:
Hi, I'm Dan Jones a freelance web designer based in Colchester, Essex and you are a small business owner who needs a website people can find through Google. What I will do for you is build a site that does just that and more for a reasonable price.

Have an e-commerce website. Ready to go mobile?
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