how to enable mbstring in PHP

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how to enable mbstring in PHP

Post by Joeldcruz »

Hi all,

I want to enable the mbstring in the .ini file(server). How i can enable?
Please any one help me.

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Re: how to enable mbstring in PHP

Post by requinix »

On Windows, find your php.ini (use phpinfo() if you don't know where it is), uncomment the appropriate extension= line, and restart Apache/nginx/your web server.

On Linux, install whatever mbstring PHP package your distribution uses. Probably named like "php*-mbstring".

On Mac, I don't know. I imagine it's the same process as Windows.
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Re: how to enable mbstring in PHP

Post by Celauran »

For macOS, I'm pretty sure a. it's a compile-time option, and b. both the version that ships with the OS and the homebrew versions include it by default. You shouldn't need to do anything.
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