How to install LAMP on my server ?

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How to install LAMP on my server ?

Post by gautamz07 »

Hey guys i just want to install LAMP on my server since i want my blog that i have built locally to go online live , so now how exactly do i install LAMP or check if LAMP if LAMP is already installed on my server ?

Now i have read a few artivles online , see below: ... -on-ubuntu ... -on-ubuntu

So am i going in the right direction ?

Thank you.
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Re: How to install LAMP on my server ?

Post by requinix »

That article does seem reasonable enough... You should look for more than one, though. Mix all the information together. Get as much as you can.

Go ahead and install stuff, and if you already have it installed then the system will tell you so.
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Re: How to install LAMP on my server ?

Post by Celauran »

I agree it seems reasonable enough but it's also for Ubuntu 12.04, which is four years old. You'd do better with 16.04 or, at the very least, 14.04. One gotcha I've noticed with Ubuntu is that mod_rewrite is either not installed or not enabled by default, so you'll need to do that before your .htaccess will work. I also recommend disabling the default virtual host and creating one of your own just for your app; this allows you to keep the application itself outside the document root.
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