Question about hostgator

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Question about hostgator

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Hey guys , I have been posting on this forum alot about this :P and had just another question , so i just want to get my bolt site up and i contacted hostgator and asked them to give me a plan where i get SSH + domain name + LAMP stack , they replied back say i should go for the LEVEL 4 package See here , thats a bit expensive :P , but if thats what will give me what i want , i can consider it , as i really want to have my bolt site up ... :D

can i go with a plan thats cheaper and still get what i want ?

Also when i go to the next page a drop down appears and i have the following options:
- centos6
- ubuntu 12

What is that for ? All of this is really new to me , so please go a bit easy ;)
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Re: Question about hostgator

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