'Volunteer Work' Forum Guidelines

Looking for volunteers to join your project? Need help with a script but can't afford to pay? Want to offer your services as a volunteer to build up your portfolio? This is the place for you...

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'Volunteer Work' Forum Guidelines

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Note to Organisations

The Volunteer Work forum is for non-profit-making organisations only. You may not post here if you are looking for free help to develop your business. Instead, you should use the Job Hunt forum and you must have something concrete to offer. In the Job Hunt forum, you may not make vague promises about possible future payments for work which will initially be on an unpaid basis.

If you are looking for vounteer help, a mention of how how your site benefits the wider community might help to attract volunteers.

Note to Volunteers

If you post here to offer your services it will help to give a brief summary of your programming experience and the kinds of areas in which you are interested in helping out.
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Re: 'Volunteer Work' Forum Guidelines

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Discussions about and around these guidelines, should be directed to this thread.