Website volunteer (wordpress plugin)

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Website volunteer (wordpress plugin)

Post by Njmrmike »

I'm in the process of building a wordpress plugin using php. I am looking for a person who is willing to donate some time with this project.
This is only a project and I can not pay.

The site (plugin) is almost complete. I need a little help in reviewing some codes and the design of the template.

If you want more information about the website feel free to message or email me at
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Re: Website volunteer (wordpress plugin)

Post by Celauran »

Maybe post the GitHub link for the project? Let people see what they'd be working on before deciding one way or the other.
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Re: Website volunteer (wordpress plugin)

Post by ana_gal »

Hello, we are a team of professional web developers. Currently we are working for rating, so we are ready to help you with your small projects for a very small price(or even free if your pproblem wont take much time) and a possitive comment about us on upwork
We create sites, fix bugs, help you with coding. Let us know if you need examples of our work.
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