Looking for a partner

Looking for volunteers to join your project? Need help with a script but can't afford to pay? Want to offer your services as a volunteer to build up your portfolio? This is the place for you...

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Looking for a partner

Post by nite4000 »

I am currently seeking a c# - PHP partner who wants to join me in created a messenger server like yahoo messenger except we would have the chat rooms that everyone wants so much

I am not great with c# but I learn all the time and Ii can do the design work of the app and help with coding and take care of the website stuff I purchased the domain for the name I chosen.

The client would be coded and designed in c# or vb net if you prefer and the server would be like PHP script on a site and we can talk more about that part when you contact me.

I feel this idea can be a great idea and I can use this to launch other ideas and make profit from it for both of us.

Please contact me if you are interested.
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