Volunteer Jobs Available

Looking for volunteers to join your project? Need help with a script but can't afford to pay? Want to offer your services as a volunteer to build up your portfolio? This is the place for you...

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Volunteer Jobs Available

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I am setting up a webhosting company but need some staff. I am unable to pay right now but this may change in the future. Below you will find a list of jobs available.

Website Designer.
As of right now we have no design for our website and i have no previous experience with HTML.
Your role as web designer would be to design a website that looks good. everything link would need to work and it would have to be easy for new comers to learn. Also needs to be compatible with whmcs.

Tech support.
We are in need of more tech support. you would need to have experience with both whmcs and cPanel. Your role would be to help everyone who asks for our help. You would need to work at least 5 hours a day. you can choose when you work. We would also offer you free services with us

Your job would be to advertise our services on forums, directories, ect and bring in new costumers. You would need to work at least 4-5 hours a day. choice of when you work is yours. We would also offer you free services with us.

Sales support.
Your job would be to assist with sales and answer any questions that costumers may have before the purchase. You would need to work 5 hours a day. when you work is your choice. We would also offer you free services with us.

Other requirements.
You must have skype

To apply message me on here or email jobs@lightninghost.eu with your application
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