Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted

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Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted

Post by gtraxx »

Hello, I encounter a problem with sending a lot of newsletters with
email address.
I use the anti-flood plugin and Throttler plugin got an error message
about memory!
What can I do to solve this problem?

My error :
<br />

<b>Fatal error</b>: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted
(tried to allocate 1746643 bytes) in <b>/library/swiftmailer/classes/
Swift/Transport/MailTransport.php</b> on line <b>151</b><br />

Thanks :)
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Re: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted

Post by mpetrovich »

There are a few things you might be doing to produce this error. 1) You could be creating a large array of the recipients which is exhausting the memory. 2) You could also have a text string or array that you are appending somewhere that is building upon sending each message.

If you are sending to a large list from a database, you will need to grab a record at a time, and send out the message when each record is read. Watch to make sure you are not growing any string variables or arrays, that you do not need to keep.
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How to send huge amount of emails without exceed PHP memory

Post by gnutix »

Hello gtraxx,

I was encountering the same problem with sendings of over 20'000 emails. Below is an extract of my code, that allowed me to send over 100'000 mails without crash.

1) I get all the contact's informations from the database in one single query, and at each row I save the information serialized in a file. This gives us something like :

Code: Select all

$filePath = 'the/path/for/my/File.txt';

// We get the information from the database
$res = mysql_query("SELECT DISTINCT email, other, fields... FROM contacts WHERE ...");

// We make a loop on the contacts
while (false !== ($contactInfo= mysql_fetch_assoc($res))) {
	// We put 'em in the file, each line containing the serialized datas of one contact
	file_put_contents($filePath, serialize(&$contactInfo)."\n", FILE_APPEND);
2) I make a loop on the file, until I get to the end and inside it, I select a range of contacts to do the sending :

Code: Select all

// Number of contacts to manage at a time
$rangeContacts = 1000;

// We create a pointer to the file in read mode
$fileHandler = fopen($filePath, 'r');

// We read the file until we get to the end
while (false === feof($fileHandler)) {
	// We loop on the range of contacts to manage
	for ($i = 0; $i <= $rangeContacts; $i++) {
		 * We get the array of datas of the contact and remove the "\n"
		 * @internal The "fgets" function reads *only* the part of the file we ask, so there's no risks of
		 * PHP Fatal Error "Allowed memory exceeded" if $contactsRange is small enough.
		$contactInfo = unserialize(trim(fgets($fileHandler), '0x0A'));
		// We put the datas in an array for SwiftMailer
		if (is_array($contactInfo)) $swiftRecipients[] = $contactInfo['email'];
		// Optimisation
		$contactInfo = null;
	// We add the emails in Swift and make the sending
// We remove the pointer, the variable and the file
$fileHandler = null;
And if you want some simple advice for optimisation:
  • Use references everywhere you can for arrays / objects (like in "$message->setTo(&$swiftRecipients);")
  • Set to null all the variables you don't need anymore in your script (like the "$fileHandler = null;" at the end), it will clear them from memory
  • Do only what you really need to do, and try to do them out of the loops
Hope it will help ya or others.
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