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1 visit page MAX

Post by FireBurst »

Hello! I am new to php and need to know if its possible to do a 1 visit only page?

Create a page and when its visited, its blocked or deleted? So the visitor can continue read but if refreshing, go back or give url to someone, its not working anymore? Any solution? Thanks :)
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Re: 1 visit page MAX

Post by Jonah Bron »

There's no 100% sure way to do that without requiring some sort of voluntary identification. You can set a cookie, but they can delete it. You can add their IP address to a database, but IP addresses are shared a lot of the time by people on an ISP, and people's IP address changes, or they could use Tor. The measures you take really depend on how important it is. The surest way is to require them to present and confirm an email address.
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