photoshop tutorial needed! Change skin tone dark to white

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Re: photoshop tutorial needed! Change skin tone dark to whit

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Re: photoshop tutorial needed! Change skin tone dark to whit

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Open your image in Photoshop, and press CTRL + J to duplicate it onto another layer.

First, you want to make a selection of all the skin in your image. The video version of this tutorial uses the Color Range tool, but the written version will show you how to use the Quick Selection tool.

Select the Quick Selection tool. Click and drag on the face in your image to select all the skin.

Hold ALT and click and drag to remove any extraneous areas from your selection like the hair, eyebrows, and eyes. You'll need to resize your Quick Selection brush using the [ and ] keys, and add/subtract areas from your selection until you have only the skin selected.
Right click your canvas and choose Refine Edge.

Turn on Smart Radius and set the Radius to about 5 pixels. With the Refine Edge dialog still open, paint along the hairline where the skin color and hair color fade into eachother. This will feather your selection to make it look more natural.

Set the Feather amount to 0.5 pixels and the Shift Edge amount to 25%.

Press the Add Layer Mask button at the bottom of the Layers panel to create a mask using the selection we just made
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Re: photoshop tutorial needed! Change skin tone dark to whit

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I just saw this and decided to comment anyway..maybe its too late, but i might as well just try. Because i have done it before, and in my case i wanted to change races so if you are talking strictly about skin color, you can sample a color range for the white man, select that color range and mask out the skin areas in a second layer above the white man labeled "white skin". Next, you do the same thing for the black man but label it "black skin". Return to your "white skin" layer and duplicate that layer (explained below) label it "white skin reference". From the "white skin" layer, select all and select "Match Color..." from the menubar. In the Match Color dialog box, select the layer for the black skin and adjust the slider until you are happy with the new color. Repeat this process for the black skin layer, using the "white skin reference" layer to match colors (because we modified the original "white skin" layer, you couldn't use it as a reference for the skin color any longer, that's why we duplicated it). Then, with some careful dodging and such, you might be able to get it to look somewhat passable. But the truth is that white individuals have different features than black individuals. Changing the skin color (which I explained above) is not going to cut it if you want it to look real. Perhaps if there was very little difference in their skin color to start, but then you wouldn't be asking for help with that. Because you provided no details, I am not sure what your end goal is or what you are trying to accomplish with this. I hope this gives you some insight into matching skin tones, but I doubt it will help with switching races.
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